Case studies

Food Ingredients Supplier:

Spill Response and Remediation Case Study

A fire, which started at one of Europe’s largest independent suppliers of ingredients to the food industry, occurred at their distribution warehouse, destroying the buildings and contents, which included sugar, jam, chocolate products and milk powders.

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Electricity Sub-Station:

Fire Damage Repair and Restoration Case Study

A switchgear failure inside a substation in Hastings caused an explosion, resulting in superficial damage to sandstone, brickwork and wooden sash windows.

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Domestic Property:

Spill Response Case Study

Kerosene had leaked from a failed domestic boiler component located in a chimney recess in a little used room in the property.

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wimbotsham remediation

Fuel Tanker Crash:

Incident Response Case Study

An oil tanker carrying almost 10,000 litres of fuel oil overturned on a rural road in Lincolnshire. The accident released significant quantities of fuel (oil and diesel) onto the road, adjacent seasonal ditches and fields.

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Public House Fire:

Environmental Claims Management Case Study

A fire which started in the external kitchen building destroyed the oil storage tank and associated buildings resulting in significant contamination of the surrounding ground. Further to this, the presence of free-phase oils and fire-water in the adjacent surface water required emergency action to prevent continued migration to nearby fishing lakes.


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Development Land:

Insolvency Case Study

A large semi-rural development site owned by an ongoing business (in administration) was considered an unattractive investment due to significant uncertainties relating to the sites long industrial past as a fertilizer and miscellaneous process manufacturing facility. Further to this the local authority indicated that it intended to determine that the site was declared contaminated land, further reducing the potential value of the asset under management.


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Environmental Claims Management Case Study

Approximately 2,000 litres of kerosene was lost to ground from a crack in the base of the property’s oil storage tank. Initial Investigations identified near surface contamination over an area of 20m2 to a depth in excess of 4m below ground level. Whilst the contamination was identified in the clay superficial deposits, the Environment Agency concluded that the underlying chalk aquifer was considered to be at risk.


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