Verification and Monitoring

Our team of experts have the technical knowledge and ability to monitor, verify and validate compliance, trends or risk conditions at site on a regional or national basis.

Our services include the collation of chemical and physical data to demonstrate that the remediation objectives have been successfully met.

Included within this expertise is the in-house installation of monitoring wells to verify groundwater quality and to delineate the extent of contamination plumes.

Solutions for the long-run

We also offer long term monitoring programmes for specialist applications, including in-situ and above ground water treatment and gas monitoring, ambient air, surface and groundwater systems. We offer bespoke solutions to support daily, weekly or monthly sampling and associated testing requirements for the duration of your project or specific needs.

Need guarantees?

Where cost certainty is required we also offer our clients the option of a guaranteed cost verification and monitoring solution tailored to their individual needs for any given project scope or time period.

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