For Home Owners

As all of our consultants and spill response teams have years of experience in the emergency response business, we are only too aware of the trauma you may be experiencing as a consequence of an oil loss in your home.

We hope you will find our people to be sympathetic and responsive to the challenges you face and we guarantee to do everything in our power to limit the inconvenience and disruption you experience.

The incident will be managed by a duty consultant who will receive instruction from the loss adjuster, contact you directly and introduce Seed Environmental to you and manage suitable incident response by mobilising our in-house staff or pre-approved contractors.

The duty consultant will remain on call all evening.

The response will be led by a highly qualified and experienced incident response manager who will have years of experience. They will lead a team of UK Spill trained remediation engineers.

Seed Environmental is appointed by your insurance company’s loss adjuster therefore we report to them. Our brief will be to return your home to its pre-fuel loss state as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that the disruption to your life will be minimised.

Whilst the response and remediation work we do on your property will be carried out by a Seed Environmental team (or our pre-approved contractors), the management of the incident will come from our consultants.