Environmental Claims Management

The environmental, emotional and economic suffering caused by pollution events can be significant. Insurers, loss adjusters, regulators and the insured need to know that the expert appointed to their claim is just that, an expert.

At Seed Environmental we are experts in our field. All directors in our claims management team began their careers as environmental technicians or junior consultants and have worked their way up in a range of consultancies and regulatory bodies.

No project is completed in Seed Environmental without direct supervision by one of the management team so our clients can be assured they are in safe hands; we have gained practical experience in the field and we cascade our knowledge through the company to ensure the next generation of consultants and engineers maintain the ethics, standards and techniques that have fueled our growth.

It is the calm and measured approach our people take and their rapid response and decisive, pragmatic decision-making which has earned us an enviable reputation in the insurance market.

On site our staff quickly judge the severity of a loss and ensure the situation is under control from the outset. This limits environmental damage and contains costs as much as possible. In practical terms our teams deploy a range of skills and processes to ensure that a difficult situation is not made worse.

The complete process

However, incident response is only part of the whole environmental claims management process. Once the emergency phase is over our consultants focus switches to liability investigation, designing effective remediation, restoration and reinstatement strategies leading to site completion. Ensuring this is carried out as quickly as possible must be balanced with making the site safe and compliant and our contracting teams are experts in this.

We’re a class apart from the rest

We employ a large number of groundworkers, general and bespoke builders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, fitters, plasterers and decorators so that we finish on site when the reinstatement and refurbishment works are complete and the homeowner has returned to their property.

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