Incident Response

Thankfully pollution and spillage incidents are rare but when they occur they can have a devastating impact on a business or a residential property.

If the spill is serious it can be expensive and litigious making a home uninhabitable or a business operation severely disrupted.

So, it is important for our clients to know that our spill response services are managed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by some of the most experienced teams of people in the UK market.

Speed is of the essence

From the first notification of an incident to restoration and verification of the site our consultants work seamlessly with our contracting teams on site to assess, contain and control the loss to ensure environmental damage and costs are minimised. Speed is of the essence but so is having the agility and technical competence to ensure that the right solutions are achieved.

Acting in haste without first evaluating the incident and taking all eventualities into account is not our style. This is just one of the reasons why Seed Environmental has gained a reputation for managing some of the most technically challenging and high profile pollution spills in the UK.

Once an incident is under control and the immediate risks have been mitigated we begin work on the restoration, remediation and verification phases, working as hard and quickly as possible to get the site, or property, functioning or habitable again.

Peace of mind

With clients in the construction, built environment, chemical, industrial, energy and local authority markets we are aware of the financial challenges they face in their interaction with the environment.

We appreciate that large commercial organisations don’t suffer many pollution spills but when they do they tend to be significant. Our commercial clients want the assurance of having us at the end of a phone without paying retention fees, so we set up our unique HazGard scheme for just such occasions.

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