The polluter pays principle dictates that individuals/companies who create pollution should bear the costs associated with managing it in a way that protects or cleans up impacts to human health, buildings and the environment.

Whilst major spill incidents are rare in the commercial markets where fuel oil is commonplace, corporate organisations are taking a more proactive and responsible approach to managing potential environmental liabilities.

Growing awareness of environmental best practice, alongside the threat of huge fines and irreparable brand damage, is driving astute commercial organisations to look for partners who can support them in the event of a pollution spill.

Our research shows that clients want a service which gives them the security of knowing they are supported by a high-quality spill responder for those rare occasions where they accidentally pollute the environment. Because this doesn’t happen often they don’t want to pay large retainer fees to that supplier.

Therefore, we created HazGard.

HazGard is a free-to-join membership programme for large commercial organisations where our members are given a 24/7 contact number to call. As well as being free to join, the first phone call you make is also free so the person who discovers the spill doesn’t have to worry about incurring any cost in reporting the incident. If we mobilise a team to the site then we start to charge fees.