Public House Fire: 
Environmental Claims Management Case Study

The Challenge

A fire which started in the external kitchen building destroyed the oil storage tank and associated buildings resulting in significant contamination of surrounding ground. Further to this, the presence of free-phase oils and fire-water in the adjacent surface water required emergency action to prevent continued migration to nearby fishing lakes.

Our Experts Approach

Our team of experts quickly implemented emergency actions in parallel with an investigation strategy to prevent ongoing pollution, whilst confirming the extent of contamination in shallow soils. Following completion of the immediate response and investigation works, we implemented remedial works incorporating the excavation of contaminated soils, continuous monitoring of surface water pathways and receptors and reinstatement of the area to pre-fire conditions.


  • Successful protection of surface water receptors (fishing lakes)
  • Rapid investigation and delineation of hydrocarbon impacts
  • Successful remediation and prevention of further pollution
  • Environment Agency approval and sign-off of environmental protection and remedial works

Project Details

Public House Fire

Services provided by our experts  

  • Incident response & mitigation
  • Customer & regulator engagement & management
  • Contamination investigation, assessment & remediation
  • Project management