Fuel Tanker Crash:
Incident Response Case Study

The Challenge

An oil tanker carrying almost 10,000 litres of fuel oil overturned on a rural road in Lincolnshire. The accident released significant quantities of fuel oil and diesel onto the road, adjacent seasonal ditches and fields.

Our Experts Approach

We despatched an emergency response team to help deal with the incident as it evolved and to be on hand to investigate the extent of the loss of fuel. Careful work was required to right the tanker and contain the spill.

Our incident response team arrived at the scene shortly after the incident occurred and began by draining pipework at the base of the tanker, constructing earth dams and packing the adjacent ditches with oil selective absorbent materials.

Since the incident, Seed Environmental returned to excavate contaminated soils within the ditch, install French drains to collect free phase oils, complete a window sampling investigation and carry out controlled monitoring and pumping of the French drain and boreholes.


Over time, concentrations of dissolved phase oils reduced in the water. The Environment Agency, content with Seed Environmental’s approach to the incident, has confirmed the works were successful in preventing the spread of contamination.

Fuel tanker crash

Services provided by our experts 

  • Rapid expert response and incident management
  • Cost effective post incident management, including contaminated soil excavations, window sampling investigations and implementation of a short term pump, treat and monitoring programme.
  • Proactive and transparent liaison with local authorities and stakeholders throughout the project from response to project closure.